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vintage lace topI got this frayed lace top from Ukayista, a Facebook store that sells vintage finds. The name Ukayista is coined from the term ukay-ukay, a Filipino word for stores that sell second hand or vintage. These stores are popular in Baguio, and in Cubao, there is a building (4 floors) dedicated to these shops – a fashion stylist’s paradise. Prices here can go for as low as 50 cents! For those who have no patience in rummaging through piles and racks of moldy-smelling clothes to find a treasure, Ukayista is a great resource because she does all the curating and her prices are under $10. She has a good eye and a great sense of style.
In Toronto, you can find good vintage stores in Kensington Market, but prices are a lot higher.

The photo's a little creepy :D Isn't the top unique though? :)

The photo’s a little creepy 😀 Isn’t the top unique though? 🙂

Forever 21 tank top
Ukayista vintage lace top
H&M jeans
Target cloche hat
Le Chateau boots

What do you guys think? 

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