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Cottage Life

Imagine waking up to this lush, rustic beauty all around. It was one of the most relaxing weekends we ever had.
Genevie and Andrew91

Genevie and Andrew146
Genevie and Andrew100
Genevie and Andrew177
Genevie and Andrew174
Genevie and Andrew164
Genevie and Andrew178
Genevie and Andrew119
Genevie and Andrew133
Genevie and Andrew104
Genevie and Andrew159

apple tree

Genevie and Andrew114
Fell in love with the charming, country-chic furnishings inside this lovely farmhouse cottage.

Genevie and Andrew4
Genevie and Andrew25
Genevie and Andrew37
Genevie and Andrew87
Genevie and Andrew46


The perfect healthy breakfast :)

The perfect healthy breakfast 🙂

You can book this gorgeous cottage on 100 acres of greens with this link . Hurry before summer ends!



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